Why Ride the Career Bus When You Can Drive?

Why Ride the Career Bus When You Can Drive?

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Job candidates, I’ve found, tend to come in one of two stripes. Those I would call active careerists have a clear picture of the kind of career they want and a fairly good idea of how to get there. When they show up for an interview, they want to know if the firm can provide them with opportunities for training, learning and new experiences that will help them advance along their chosen path. Others I would call passive careerists. They have not yet figured out what it is they want to do or have become discouraged by past obstacles or disappointments. In interviews, they are much less demanding and focus more on trying to make the case for why an employer should hire them.

Lots of passive careerists, both professional and non-professional, have adequate and even satisfying careers. They manage to find a niche for themselves, are respected by their peers, and have their contributions recognized and rewarded. Sadly, though, they may never realize their full potential or achieve the goals they imagined when they decided on their career choice.

If that sounds like you, I urge you to start taking steps to gain control over your career. You do not have to be satisfied with whatever job you can get, even if you’ve had a bad job experience in the past. A career coach can help you assess your strengths and weaknesses, make you aware of opportunities you may not know exist, advise you on how to put your best foot forward, and hone your interviewing skills.

Why settle for just a job when you can have the career you deserve? Contact me and let’s discuss how to get you off of the passenger bench and into the driver seat of your career.

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