Upgrade Your Staff

Upgrade Your Staff

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What do you do when your technology is not operating at its peak or has become outdated to perform the functions you need to operate your firm? You upgrade, right? And what about your staff? If they’ve been with you a while, chances are their knowledge and skills could use an upgrade, too.

More and more firms these days are investing in education and training to maintain their competitive edge. Typically, though, those opportunities go first to the firm’s highest performers. They’re the ones who get to go to conferences, workshops, seminars, expos and vendor presentations. They get access and training to the latest technology first. If the others are lucky, they might be allowed to attend a brown bag lunch presentation once a quarter. Over time, with such practices, the firm is depleting its human capital. It’s like only changing one new tire every 50,000 miles and keeping the others until the tread wears out. What kind of performance can you expect from those other tires?

Smart employers are coming to realize the value of developing the talent they have on hand and making sure they are helping their employees to perform at their best. As with technology, in general it costs less to upgrade than to purchase new equipment. Long-time employees already have many of the characteristics you are looking for in a top performer and don’t need to go through an extended and costly on-boarding process. Plus, providing them opportunities to develop gives them added incentive to stay with the firm rather than look for those opportunities elsewhere.

At DMC we specialized in recruitment, but as part of our service we also help clients to evaluate what skills their firm needs and to verify the skills a candidate actually has. We can do that for your current staff as well. We have the assessment tools as well as the industry knowledge to help you develop a training and professional development program to keep your staff in tip-top shape. Contact us and let us put our HR expertise to work for your firm.

Upgrade Your Staff
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