Two Heads Make a Better Hire

Two Heads Make a Better Hire

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When it comes down to making that all-important hiring decision, which criteria get the most weight? Skill set? Experience? Education? Demonstrated promise of talent and creativity? In most cases it’s none of these. The fact is, the criteria we tend to use when making a hiring decision are a lot more personal.

Whatever intentions, aspirations or business objectives we may have in mind, studies show that more often than not we tend to hire people who are in some way more or less like ourselves. It may be their appearance, their mannerisms, their preferred style of problem solving or communicating, or even similar backgrounds or favorite activities. When human resource professionals or recruiters talk about finding someone with the right fit, they are thinking about organizational culture, work habits, people skills, etc. Yet, once the selection process enters the interview phase, the perception of “fit” comes down to “do I want to work with this person” rather than organizational concerns.

That in and of itself may not be a problem. After all, part of an organization’s culture is the personality of its employees and how they interact with one another. However, if personal preference blinds one to deficiencies in a candidate, that can lead to big problems down the line. In addition, having too many people of the same kind on a team or in an organization eventually leads to less innovation and poorer decision-making. Diversity is key to a firm’s long-term health and success.

To avoid prejudicing the hiring decision, make sure that at minimum two people are involved in the final screening, interviewing and decision-making process. Preferably, the other person should be someone from a different part of the organization with a different work style, or someone from outside the organization, such as a trusted peer or a professional recruiter. The more critical the position, the more important it is to have unbiased evaluations from which to arrive at a decision.

We at DMC have the industry knowledge, professional experience and assessment tools to assist with screening and interviewing candidates objectively, and to advise on making a hiring decision and appropriate offer. Contact us and let us be that all-important second set of eyes to guide you making your best hire.

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