The Year of the Employee

The Year of the Employee

04:40 22 January in Uncategorized

Not only a tight labor market, but also a rising tide of shifting values will make 2018 the year of the employee. With issues like discrimination and sexual harassment dominating the headlines, employers will be hard pressed to meet employee demands for a more open, respectful, safe and supportive workplace. At the same time, with more millennials entering the workforce, there will be greater expectation around what employers are doing to develop their employees and assisting them along their career path.

For all the same reasons, this likely will be a year when the role of human resource manager or COO will be more important than the CFO. Demand for services is increasing as productivity is declining. Firms that haven’t figured it out already will come to realize that personnel is their greatest asset and that they will need to invest more in their people, not just financially but also in terms of more hands-on management and coaching, more positive workplace culture and greater leniency in accommodating work/life balance.

When it comes to hiring that hard-to-find talent, it will be firms that will be put to the test. Candidates will want to know if a firm’s claim to value its people is real or lip service. Your firm’s brand as an employer and manager – not the one you promote but the one that exists on social media – will be scrutinized.  In addition, the candidate will be interested in what you are going to do for them in particular to help them grow their talents and expertise, address their personal life situation issues, and provide opportunities for meaningful and interesting work.

Is your firm prepared to meet these challenges? If not, contact us. We help many firms find just the right candidate and have our finger on the pulse of what’s trending in industry hiring and human resource management today. We can guide you in determining what are current and equitable policies and practices that will make your firm attractive to both existing employees and future hires.

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