Job Seekers, Now Is No Time to Dawdle

Job Seekers, Now Is No Time to Dawdle

04:25 20 March in Uncategorized

As the pool of eligible candidates shrinks, A&D firms are frantically trying to hire the best talent to keep up with the recent resurgence in business. If you are seeking a position or have been thinking of taking that next step along your career path, opportunities await. But you have to move fast. Employers don’t have time to wait on candidates who don’t fit the bill or can’t decide if they really want to make a change.

A frequent complaint I hear from employers is that candidates often don’t have the skills or experience they are looking for. They need someone who can fill a role now and begin executing their responsibilities on Day One. This is not the time to be applying for positions that you aspire to grow into or try to switch into a new sector in which you have no experience or training. If that is your goal, wait until the market cools down a bit and employers have time to think about future staffing needs.

Likewise, this is not the time to be testing the waters to see if maybe you would like better working at a different firm or to see how much you might be able to boost your compensation. Employers are looking for candidates who are ready to start now. Seeking offers when you are not prepared to say “yes” could damage your opportunities for advancement further down the line.

If you are ready and serious about seeking a position or making a change, take the time to research the firm you are interested in and be sure to have everything in place before you apply (resume, portfolio, references, etc.). Only apply for positions for which you are qualified, and be prepared to be tested on whether you have the skills you say you have. Don’t overstate your experience or embellish your resume with misleading claims. And prepare yourself for what could be a fast-paced hiring process.

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