Companies Are Going Soft on Employees

Companies Are Going Soft on Employees

04:45 05 February in Uncategorized

Technology skills are in high demand throughout the A&D industry. Nonetheless, firms have come to realize that it takes more than a stable of Revit wizards to make a company thrive. Employers are paying more attention to soft skills when hiring and promoting employees.

Human resource specialists with Randstad USA predict that employers and recruiters this year will be seeking candidates with the right blend of technical and soft skills for their industry. Management consultancy The Herman Group concurs that employers are placing less emphasis on a candidate’s traditional and formal credentials and more on their life experience and ability to apply their talents effectively and wisely.

We at Design Management Company have been watching this trend develop over the past year or so. Our screening and testing procedures bear out employers’ experience that candidates with the most impressive technical skills do not necessarily make the best employees. Other factors such as interpersonal skills, ability to work well in teams, a positive attitude, and good communication skills all are needed to ensure a successful hire. Employers also are interested in learning more about a candidate’s previous experience to gauge their work habits and how well rounded their skill set is.

If you are making hiring plans for the year, I strongly urge you to consider using a service like ours to properly screen and test applicants for the appropriate experience and skills your firm needs. Most hiring managers do not have the tools or know-how to do so adequately. With the pool of qualified applicants shrinking, making the right hire is more important than ever. Contact us, and let us put our years of industry experience to work for you.

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