Are You Helping or Hindering Your Employees’ Productivity?

Are You Helping or Hindering Your Employees’ Productivity?

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You have a lot invested in your employees, and your firm’s success depends upon them. It’s in your interest for them to be productive and perform well. Yet, many employees feel that their bosses are more of a hindrance than a help when it comes to fulfilling their duties and responsibilities. It’s not a matter of holding them to high standards or placing a lot demand on their time and talents. What it comes down to is how you treat them as people.

A common complaint of employees is that they often are not recognized for their contributions. You don’t have to reward them with bonuses or time off. Acknowledging them publicly and letting them know your appreciate what they bring to the firm will motivate employees and give a big boost to their morale. Of course, you have the right to expect employees to do what they’ve been hired to do. Recognition is not about praising them for turning in their homework. It is about showing employees you understand that what inspires them is not their salary but their desire to do good and purposeful work.

Another frequent complaint is that bosses fail to give employees the resources they need to succeed. Those resources could be budget, personnel, materials, equipment, time, or information. They are left to make do and then are held accountable when the results don’t meet expectations. Check in with employees regularly to detect whether they need additional assistance or to adjust their work plan. Employees may be reluctant to ask for help for fear of being perceived as weak or incompetent. Assure them you are there to support them, not judge them.

One more thing. Don’t let problems among employees fester. A toxic work environment drains morale and presents an unpleasant distraction that keeps employees from doing their best work. Demonstrating leadership in such situations is one of the best ways you can signal to employees you have their best interest in mind.

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