A Good Way to Lose an Opportunity

A Good Way to Lose an Opportunity

04:45 10 July in Uncategorized

I have always followed the precept, when opportunity knocks, answer. Apparently that quaint notion is now passé. More and more these days I am running up against the situation where individuals seeking an opportunity—whether it’s an individual looking for a better position or an employer hoping to find the right candidate for an opening—cannot be bothered to answer when that opportunity presents itself. No matter how hard or how often opportunity knocks, it gets no reply.

Of course, people have their reasons for why they don’t reply. They are busy. They have not yet made up their mind, or they have changed their mind. Their situation has changed. They are considering another offer or another candidate. They forgot. And so on and so forth. These things happen. Well, yes, I understand. By most people’s standards, however, this would be considered highly unprofessional behavior. In the context of searching for a position or candidate, it does not reflect well on the individual or the firm. Do you want to place your confidence in a candidate or an employer who does not respond to their own request?

What’s more, as the saying goes, he (or she) who hesitates . . . . Opportunity does not knock forever. It may very well have moved on by the time the other party decides to respond.

Taking the time and making the effort to respond in a timely manner to a request or inquiry you’ve initiated is not just a matter of courtesy. It acknowledges one’s responsibility to the other party. In today’s over-saturated communications environment, it will also help you to stand out from the rest of the competition.


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