The Latest Trend: There Is No Trend

The Latest Trend: There Is No Trend

03:54 24 July in Uncategorized

How the A&D industry is doing at the moment depends on where you look. Some markets and some sectors are really hot. Others not so much. Likewise with firms. Some have more work than they can handle, while others are scrounging for clients. Try as I might, I can’t find any factors or indicators that would explain why, other than the obvious one—follow the money. Clients who have the resources and are feeling confident about their future prospects are undertaking projects. That’s especially the case in areas like California and Florida.

Despite, or perhaps because of, this rather serendipitous distribution of demand, employment prospects for now are surprisingly good. Firms of various sizes are seeking both junior and more experienced designers and architects. A recent poll by the American Institute of Architects shows firms are especially interested in hiring new architects and emerging professionals on the path to licensure. Experienced sales and management personnel also are being sought by firms, showrooms, vendors and service providers in design-related industries.

Since demand is very localized at present, for many interested candidates, taking advantage of these opportunities may require relocating. The AIA poll found a majority of firms that hired new employees recently offered salaries above those of the competition in order to attract desirable candidates. Far fewer, however, were willing to offer signing bonuses or to pay relocation fees. So candidates need to weigh the costs of relocating against potential future earnings and opportunities for career advancement.

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